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The fun of Japanese-part 1

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

There are many unique expressions in Japanese that are difficult to translate into English.

This is really a difference in culture, a difference in perception, and a difference in consciousness.

It's hard to notice that the casual words we use every day are full of her wisdom, love, compassion and harmony.

For example, "I'll have it." "Feast."

There are words such as Grace and Buen Provecho (Spanish),

These two are not words like Japanese, "Thank you for this food, life, and now I have this", and "It was a treat" is also a word of gratitude for the life you received.

(Grace is close to what she gets, but Japanese people get it, English-speaking people don't say Grace, and Buen Provecho eats deliciously.)

to be continued



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