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The fun of Japanese-part 3

"Okagesama - Thanks for backing" is also a mysterious word.

Who "backing me"?

This is a word of gratitude for the invisible being, the mysterious being that supports us.

We express our gratitude by changing the word "Okagesama - Thanks for backing" to the fact that "I never live alone, that is, I am supported by various things."

"Arigato - Thank you." Is also strange.

It's a mixture of the word really "hard to exist" like "being a miracle", and it's very rare to happen, so a word to thank for that.

I also wrote the characteristics of Japanese in my graduate school master's thesis. Watching the movie "Prayer" directed by Tetsu Shiratori, I was once again impressed by the fact that the late Professor Kazuo Murakami said the same thing.

The treasure of this word originally found in Japanese DNA,

When you taste each one, it is very interesting and "thank you".

I have a lot of things I want to write, so I will write them little by little!

With gratitude

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