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Now, what do you think you need to do when you understand cross-culturalism?

I would like to share the wisdom gained from that experience with those who will be engaged in international exchange in the future.


Through my work as an interpreter guide, I have worked as an interpreter guide in Iceland, Papua New Guinea, Malawi, Brazil, Chile, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Finland, Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea, former Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Indonesia, Israel, Turkey and the Czech Republic...I have come into contact with customers from more than 80 countries around the world and their culture.
I would like to share the wisdom gained from that experience with those who will be engaged in international exchange in the future.

In addition, while guiding overseas customers to various parts of Japan, you will experience the wonderfulness of Japan and the wonderfulness of spiritual culture.

On the other hand, what happens if you learn about Japan, which the Japanese do not know, and the richness of Japan's spirituality, come into contact with different cultures overseas, and express the splendor of Japan in English?
By doing so, I would like to discover Japan that I do not notice and develop human resources who can talk about own culture.



Mari’s history



National licensed English guide for 32 years since 1989  

Traveling all over Japan with oversea guests from more than 80 different countries.

(Educational programs, Art-related programs, Japanese culture programs etc.)


Costa Rica UN mandated University for Peace (Graduate school)

Peace education

Thesis “ Can Japanese culture contribute to sustainability for Peace? A case study of IKENOBO”



Denmark  Copenhagen University  Guest teacher ( Japanese language)


Experience of English teacher, a secretary 


Born in Muroran, Hokkaido


*Turning Points of Mari


9.11  2001  World Trade Center incident

This world trade center incident made me decide to create world peace


3.11  2011  The Great Tohoku Earth Quake

I was with a group of 25 people from 8 different countries in Mashiko. ( near Tohoku)

Then magnitude 6 there, we could not go anywhere, no water, no electricity, no gas.

We stayed one night on the bus…  but the tour continued ( we went to westbound)

I could made everyone’s request true, and the tour ended in Nagasaki with 8 members.


I did volunteer for half year in Tohoku and there I saw amazing Japanese people

who were strong and flexible, living together with harmony and love, even though

the situation was absolutely terrible.

I assured that I truly wanted to hand this wisdom, harmony, and love to

the people all over the world and wished exchanging our wisdom to make the world better.


These things made me now

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