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A Case Study on Ikenobo > Chapter 2: Research Methodology-2

This thesis is dedicated to...

People who wish to bring true peace to this world,

The Japanese people, who have created and possess such a great culture,

All living things.

We are all one.

Mari Katsui

Can Japanese Culture Contribute to Sustainability for Peace? A Case Study on Ikenobo

Chapter 2: Research Methodology-2

Research Question and Objectives

The overall research question for this study can be stated as follows: How can Japanese culture, as exemplified in the beliefs and practices of Ikenobo, contribute to sustainable peace?

Specific objectives of the research are:

・To uncover and explore the characteristics of Japanese sustainability by studying Ikenobo. Why has Ikenobo been able to survive and be a mainstream player in its field for such a long period?

・To discover whether there are "hidden peace elements" in Japanese culture that are related to and can be applied to world peace sustainability.

・To create self-esteem and awareness in Japanese people so that we can more actively contribute to real peace.

To state the research objective differently, it is to find the mission of my home country, Japan.

World society today is facing a big turning point.

Our planet will either survive through the cooperation of each country, each society, and each person.

Or it will go in the opposite the direction, toward deterioration.

Just as each one of us needs to find our own mission in this life, each country also has a mission to pursue in the search for world peace and co-existence.

As a Japanese person, I would like to find the role that Japan can play.

to be continued...



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