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Various countries, different interesting stories; Estonia-1

A spy from Estonia?

In 2000, a travel agent asked me, "We've got new touring, for the first time from Estonia, but I'm still not sure what kind of country it is, so please you guide the tour, Mari-san!"

At that time, there were almost no tours from Estonia, which was the first experience for the host company.

The first tour was a success, the tour became very enjoyable, I enjoyed spending time with everyone, and I became friends with the agents over there. Since then, the tour from Estonia has continued, and the number of visitors to Japan has continued to increase. 

Many people continue to come every year from a country with a population as small as Kyoto City. And that's still going on. (Until before Corona)

Estonia has become a country that warms my heart when I remember it. Warm people, people who laughed together. I miss it very much now.

I would like to introduce an event of a tour with people from such a country. During the 10-day tour, one day we talked about the Northern Territories, and after talking, we sang the song "Shiretoko Ryojyo."

to be continued

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia



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